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Gowdham Kirtan Incense Stick of 100-gram each (Wholesale Pack)

In Indian culture, incense sticks play a vital role and incense sticks are used during prayers and meditation to enjoy the spiritual time in order to get peace of mind and soul. Gowdham Kirtan Incense Sticks are extensively used in temples, hawan and homes while offering prayer to the god. Crafted out of the finest quality ingredients, this leaves a magnificent and alluring fragrance and adds more to your ‘spiritual time’. Quantity = 100 grams pack of 12 pieces 

Radhika Ayurvedic Hawan Samagri 12 Kg ( 60 pouches of 200 gram each)

The Hawan Samagri is a sacred offering in the yagna and each item of the samagri is significant. The hawan samagri is offered in the fire during yagnas and homas, after completion of every mantra chant. It is the sacred food for the deities. Radhika Ayurvedic Hawan Samagri is made from natural ingredients for pious occasions and pooja purposes. It is made from Herbs, Phool Dhavari, Hao-Ber, Bramhi, Inder-Jo, Bhimseni Kapoor, Rose Petals, Sandalwood Powder, Loban, Nagakesara, Red Sandal Powder, Nagarmotha, Lotus Seeds, Jatamansi, Kapoor Kachri, Shatavari, Narkachoor. M.R.P ₹35.00 per Piece  Quantity =  60 Pouches of 200 gram each  

Radhika Shree Hari Pooja Lavender Dhoop Dhoop Pouches of 135 Grams (Wholesale Pack)

Radhika Shree Hari Pooja Lavender Dhoop Sticks help purify bad air and create a holy positive environment. It can be used for the spiritual purpose as well as for meditational purpose.  Radhika Shree Hari Pooja Lavender Dhoop Sticks are made from Organic Indian Herbs and thus provide a natural and spiritual experience. Radhika Pooja Products has always been at first position while offering prayers in Pooja. Experience the pure tradition at your home with Radhika Shree Hari Pooja Lavender Dhoop Sticks. Wholesale Pack = Pack of 6 pouch

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